Graduate Student Travel Award


 The Southern Conference for British Studies (SCBS) is offering a $1250 travel award for graduate student research in 2019. Graduate students who presented papers at one of our last two meetings (2017 or 2018) are eligible to apply. Please submit a two-page (maximum) description of your project and the specific research to be conducted using the grant, as well as a copy of the paper read at our annual meeting, to Lisa Clark Diller ( by 15 March 2019. The winner will be announced by 15 April.



  1. I am a final year PhD student at the University of Delhi, India. Although I have the benefit of working with an excellent supervisor, Prof. Sambudha Sen, my thesis suffers from lack of documentation as most of the primary materials are housed in the libraries of the UK. I have received a short term research grant of 500 pounds to visit the UK. I require to supplement this amount with an additional travel grant. I wish to know if I am eligible to apply for the Sheldon Hanft Travel Award.

  2. Dear Aratika Das. Unfortunately the Hanft travel award has been suspended for the time being. I will notify you if this changes. Best of luck to you in your research efforts.

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