2017 Southern Conference on British Studies Annual Meeting-Dallas, TX, November 10-11.

The Southern Conference on British Studies will hold its Annual Meeting in Dallas, Texas, November 10-11. The SCBS will meet in conjunction with the Southern Historical Association.

The SCBS construes British Studies widely and invites participation by scholars in all areas of British history and culture, including the Empire or Commonwealth and the British Isles. This year’s theme is Utopias: Sacred and Secular. Papers will  address this theme from a wide variety of perspectives, exploring religious, intellectual, imperial, political, social, and other dream worlds, as well as dystopias and other challenges to sacred and secular and visions of perfection.  There will also be papers presented on a wide variety of other topics of interest to scholars.

The SCBS Charles Perry Graduate Student Prize ($250) will be awarded to the best paper presented at the conference by a graduate student. Entries must be received by October 27, 2017.

To register for the meeting please complete the Registration Form and return it to the address indicated with payment.

Please find hotel rates and information here.

Welcome to the SCBS

image003Welcome to the Southern Conference on British Studies (SCBS), a regional branch of the North American Conference on British Studies (NACBS).  The Conference meets annually, customarily in the Fall in conjunction with the Southern Historical Association.  The meeting comprises two days of paper sessions with two or more panels running concurrently.

Future SCBS meeting dates:

• November 10-11, 2017: Dallas, Texas
• November 9-10, 2018: Birmingham, Alabama 35203

The SCBS construes British Studies very broadly to include the history, literature, arts, and culture of the Home Islands and the Commonwealth.  It welcomes into membership anyone interested in such subjects, whether or not pursued professionally.

Dues for the SCBS are $15 annually for regular membership, $10 for students, and $300 for a lifetime membership.  As a courtesy, the Southern Historical Association extends the option of affiliate membership (non-voting) to members of the SCBS for $7.  For those interested, full membership in the SHA’s European History Section is available for annual dues of $17.  All SCBS dues may be paid through the SCBS Secretary/Treasurer.  Please complete our Membership Form and mail to the address indicated.

For more information regarding the Conference’s activities and programs, please click on the “Annual Meeting 2016” heading in the banner above.